Ukrainian Resettlement Group

What is a Ukrainian Resettlement Group? 

Kryla is proud to have a Ukrainian community resettlement/sponsorship group as a part of its efforts. The group functions as the primary support network for newly arrived immigrant community members or families for up to a year so that the new community member or family can stabilize themselves with dignity and autonomy and participate fully in the community.

Groups such as ours agree to be the primary network of support in the areas of housing, employment, food, health, interpretation, transportation, personal finance, education, financial and social support, among others. They are committed to upholding their community group support for a transitional period and in the long-term, remaining in mutual aid relationship for anywhere from a few weeks up through their first year in the U.S. per individual/family as needed. These groups consist of a committed, available, and well-organized team of at least 6-10 active members with diverse skills and interests who can - as a group - build community and belonging.

How do I get started with the group if I just arrived/arriving to the U.S.? 

Submit this application to get started and we will get back to you in the next two weeks with the next steps!

What is the process? 

Once you submit the application our team will review it and get back to in two weeks. We look at each application holistically and on a case-by-case basis in order to find the best way we can help you now.