Medical Supplies

We collaborate with local physician practices, universities and hospitals in New Orleans (NOLA) to get essential supplies to hospitals and clinics in Ukraine. These supplies include generalized items like bandages, first aid kits, but also more high-value equipment such as airways, anesthesia needles and lab vacutainers. Our volunteers, who are medically trained, identify specialized surgical tools such as chest trays, epidural trays, analog pain pumps, and medications such as antibiotics, non-narcotic pain control, pressors, and antiarrhythmics.  We partner with local organizations and volunteers to collect, itemize and pack supplies locally. We then ship these supplies to Ukraine with trusted partners with experience in shipping logistics in war zones. 

Supporting NOLA Refugees

For Ukrainian refugees arriving in the United States, there are a lot of unknowns. In collaboration with local professionals, we help refugees gain access to healthcare services, legal aid, housing and employment. Additionally, we connect them to the local Ukrainian community through events and networking to help them feel at home in New Orleans.

Local Event Organizing

We host events in NOLA to raise awareness of the conflict in Ukraine, advocate for Ukrainian people,  raise funds, and celebrate Ukrainian culture. We’ve collaborated with local institutions and communities such as Tulane University, the Louisiana honorary consulate of Ukraine, and local Ukrainian advocacy communities. We’ve collaborated with hundreds of supporters, giving them an opportunity to share their experiences with the ongoing war in Ukraine. Our events also serve as fundraising opportunities where we collect donations and sell Kryla shirts and handcrafted Ukrainian wares.

Fundraising for Other Organizations

The conflict in Ukraine and its repercussions are complex and profoundly difficult to grapple with as individuals and even as an organization. We understand that there are some projects that are vitally important but are outside our capacity as a grassroots organization. Therefore, we aim to support organizations with similar missions – both financially and through our expertise – to do as much good as possible for the Ukrainian community. 

External Organizations We Support:



Razom was founded in 2014 to support Maidan protesters in Ukraine. In the past few months, Razom has been fundraising to support humanitarian efforts through Razom Emergency Response. They’re delivering medical items, hospital supplies and tech-enabled emergency response supplies to Ukraine.

Proliska - Chasiv Yar Hospice


Proliska is working to support civilians trapped in Ukraine’s war zone. They provide both humanitarian assistance and psychological support to those affected by the invasion of Ukraine.



The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA), founded in 1950, is a voluntary non-profit association of professionals licensed to practice in their areas of health care in the United States and Canada. UMANA’s objectives are:

Unite health care professionals of Ukrainian descent, who share an interest in promoting the health of Ukrainians

Share medical knowledge and scientific research with emphasis on aspects unique to Ukrainians

UMANA is composed of 19 Branches throughout the USA and Canada. UMANA sponsors regular medical conferences, publishes a Ukrainian language medical journal Likars’kyj Visnyk (JUMANA), circulates an English language newsletter The UMANANews, and distributes a biennial directory of members.

UMANA is a founding constituent of the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations (WFUMA), and pursues cooperative relationships with Ukrainian organizations in the United States and Canada.