Supporting NOLA Refugees

For Ukrainian refugees arriving in the United States, there are a lot of unknowns. In collaboration with local professionals, we help refugees gain access to healthcare services, legal aid, housing and employment. 

Community help for them would be deeply appreciated.

  Here are stories of some of them:

My name is Liudmyla. I am 68 years old.
My whole life I worked hard and was always financially and physically independent. I retired 13 years ago and was enjoying taking care of my house, my garden with fruit trees, and beekeeping. I had everything that I needed for a happy retirement. On February 24 Russia’s government took it away from me. I had 2 hours to pack my stuff and go to the US to stay with my daughter. My 68 years of life had to fit in small carry-on luggage. I didn’t know if I ever will be able to return to my house and I still don’t know. My trip to the US took me 5 long and scary days. I am very grateful for all support that I am receiving here from the NOLA people, and for the support that Ukraine receives since day 1 of the war from the US government. I am amazed at how benevolent and sympathetic people in the US are. However, life in the US is very challenging for me. I don’t speak English and I don’t drive. Because of my age, health issues, and extreme heat, I have not found a job yet and depend on my daughter who works a lot to support us. I miss my home, my garden, my family, my neighbors my hometown and I am praying for the peace in a whole world.


Hello, my name is Dmytro, I am 33 and I am a food industry engineer, together with my family we came to the United States under the “uniting for Ukrainians” program. Tetiana , my wife, she is 23 years old and our daughter Emilia, she is 16 months old, now we are living in the city of Pearl River in the guest house of our sponsors.

Tetiana is making nails , she dreams of taking courses (nails, eyelashes, eyebrows) and getting certificates in this direction, she is trying to improve her English also through the babble application . Emilia is growing up, and after a while she will go to kindergarten (or something like that - I have to understand the preparation of education for the children, and how the education system works ?!). We have an active family, we love various activities in different directions (nature, fishing, picnic, sports, cinema, walks of various types ... etc.)Thank you so much !!!Separately, I want to thank the kryla for their support and multifaceted help. And I am ready to say with confidence that as soon as I can get back on my feet, I will join you guys and help people in the same way



My name is Mariia, I am 19, from Kiev Ukraine.
I studied philosophy at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
On February 24, 2022, Russia fired missiles to our city. Our family decided to go to a neighboring village Berezovka, but in a few days the Russians began to fire this place and dig trenches as well. We spend a week in basement with no day light.
My parents decided to send me to USA, since I was the only one in family who holds tourist visa.
I am very thankful to family who is hosting me. My special thanks you to and American people for their tremendous support in all aspects.
I am really willing to continue my study at University of New Orleans, but unfortunately tuition is not affordable for me.
I would deeply appreciate if somebody can help me to pay tuition.
 Thank you.


Hello, My name is Olena. In the Photo My husband Sergiy, and two our children, Uliana 14 and Mark 11 years old.

We forced to leave Ukraine when a full-scale war broke out.My husband and I are coaches, my husband is a karate coach, I am a dance cheerleading coach. In Ukraine, we had more than 300 students who regularly took part in Ukrainian and international tournaments. Repeatedly became prize-winners and champions.In addition to cheerleading, Uliana loves to draw and sing, and Mark loves karate, but is also interested in anime and dreams of playing volleyball and learning to play the piano.







My name is Yaroslav Katarzhnov.  I am a 19-year-old refugee from Kharkiv, Ukraine, residing in New Orleans, LA. The genocidal war by Russia has obliviated my family livelihood and my future life plans. My family and I are immensely grateful for the support and help we received from the Government and the People of the United States and Louisiana, specifically. I wonder however if I could be given a chance to continue my education in the United States to help rebuild my homeland Ukraine and to further strengthen collaboration between our countries. Below I provide a summary of my situation. I kindly ask you to direct me to admission officers for advice and guidance.Before the Russian invasion, I was a freshman at Czech Agriculture University (CZU) studying Economics and Business Administration. I wanted to become a useful person who could support and improve the economy of my country. Since the war began on February 24th, the Saltivka district of Kharkiv, in which my home is located, has been intensely shelled almost daily. My family had to flee the area leaving everything behind, including the means to pay for my education. After several months in Lithuania, my parents and I decided to relocate to the United States, as a family friend residing in New Orleans offered temporary shelter and financial support.However, as the war drags-on and obliterates massive parts of Ukraine (my hometown is just about 20 miles away from the Russian border), it becomes increasingly clear that the pre-war life is not going to just come back one day. After the inevitable victory of the civilized world over the barbarism of present-day Russia, there is going to be a massive revitalizing and rebuilding of Ukraine that will take years. I love my home country and would like to contribute to that recovery in the most productive way. I believe that a degree from university will equip me with the knowledge and network essential for that goal.I am also inspired by the resilience that New Orleans demonstrate in face of natural disasters. I know that New Orleanians know first-hand how grateful people are to those who extend help in the most difficult times.Thank you for your help and consideration.

Tetiana Trofymchuk

My name is Tetiana Trofymchuk.

My husband Yaroslav, two sons, Arseniy and Tymofiy, and I are from Ukraine. Before the war I was a CPA for a mid-size firm, my husband was a pediatric surgeon at the local hospital and the kids were just kids, going to school and hanging out with the friends they grew up with. Life was good.The war shattered the life of all Ukrainians. However, a few months after the war began, our family received another devastating news. My husband was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive form of bladder cancer.With ongoing war, constant air strikes, shortage of medical supplies and possible need of evacuation at any time, there was no way this type of cancer could be adequately treated anywhere in Ukraine. And that meant that at 48 years old my husband’s life was in grave danger.Luckily for us, United States opened “United for Ukraine “ program and my husband’s family sponsored us. In addition to this, we were so happy to learn that the surgery and the treatment can be performed at the UMC, the state-funded hospital in New Orleans where my husband’s family live.Now my husband is on the mend and although he may not be out of the woods just yet and a difficult chemo is still ahead, we do not give up! We believe that when we are together, we will overcome everything, the war and the disease.We are eternally grateful for all the support we are getting from the United States. Not just as Ukrainians to help fight this unprovoked aggression, but as a family who are going through the tough time.We feel welcomed and protected here and there are no words to describe how important and vital it is to us at this difficult time.THANK YOU!


Tetiana Barbas

My name is Tetiana, in the photo is my husband Valeriy and two sons, Kirill, 8 years old and Danya, 2 years old. We are a family of refugees from Ukraine, from the city of Odessa. In February, we fled from Ukraine from Russian aggression. For some time we lived in Poland and on  Cyprus, when the United for Ukraine program appeared, my husband's sister sponsored and we came to the USA in the state of Nebraska. My husband is the captain of a cargo vessel's, I have a railway education, but I was on maternity leave with a child. Before my husband got a job in New Orleans, I worked at T.J Maxx,older son went to school, and the youngest son went to child care. And once again our life turned upside down again, and we moved again, but we are very happy that our children are safe now. We are with  my husband is doing ESL English lessons, I'm going to get a driver's license and dream of getting an education in America. Older son goes to a new school, it's not easy for him, but there are a lot of wonderful people here who accepted him and us with an open soul, and this gives  us strength and inspiration.                                  HELP TETIANA

Olena Nevska


My name is Olena, I am 26 years old, I am a refugee from Ukraine.
I had to leave my home because of the war.
I am very grateful that they helped me come to New Orleans, gave me the opportunity to live on and help my family in Ukraine.
I really miss my parents, I really want to hug my mother.
I ask you to help me buy here what I need for life so that I can start over.
I can't drive a car, I don't know English, but I try to study hard.
I work as a cook, I'm very glad that I can work.
Collecting money for a future car and for a future trip home, at least for a couple of days.
It is very difficult for me to start all over again, but I believe in myself.
Thanks a lot if you can help me.


Olena Sysoieva

Hi! We are a young family who fled Ukraine after the Russian invasion. This is the second time in our lives that we have moved because of the Russian invasion. Although in 2014 we moved not so far away, from Donbass to Kharkov. Now we are trying to start a new life in the US and we have some needs or wants that we can't yet afford on our own. While there is no work permit and no job, we are not shopping, so we have created this wish list. If anyone is able and willing to help us with some of our needs and wants, we will be immensely grateful. Thank you so much!


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